Popping is a dance that, at it’s core, incorporates Funk and Soul dances with animated or illusional movements.  The term “Popping” became popular in the late 70s, but the original art form began as “Boogaloo” right here in the Bay Area…Oakland to be exact.  As early as 1966, the black community in Oakland had begun to create this dance style, which was unique to the Bay Area.  Funk music had emerged at this same time and was the driving force for the energy and feeling behind Boogaloo in Oakland.  


From there, it spread to other parts of the Bay and took on names such as Robotting (Richmond), Strutting (San Francisco), and eventually Popping (Sacramento, San Jose, etc.) in the late 70s.  By that time, it had also spread to places like L.A. and even Fresno, with each city adding its own flavor and feel.  Today, the most commonly accepted term for this dance is “Popping”, and its influence can clearly be seen even in the newest dance styles and popular TV shows.  Regardless of the numerous changes and adaptations, the original funky, animated, illusional dance will always stay strongly rooted right here in the Bay Area.

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